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General Surgery
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24 years of experience
Vascular Surgery

Mr Mohamed Abdelhamid is a Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon in London. He specialises in the management of varicose veins, thread & spider veins, peripheral arterial disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery disease, thoracic outlet syndrome, leg ulcers and lympdedaema.

He is based at St George's University Hospitals NHS Trust but also an Honorary Consultant at Epsom and St Helier's University Hospitals NHS Trust, acting as principal vascular surgeon. He runs private clinics at The Harley Street Clinic, The Lister Hospital, The New Malden Diagnostic Centre and St Anthony’s Hospital .

After graduating from the Cairo University Medical School in 1998 with Honours, Mr Abdelhamid completed a research and MSc degree in 2002 followed by a surgical residency training programme at Cairo University Hospital in 2003. He started his higher surgical training in Cairo before moving to the UK, undertaking research at the University of Birmingham and General and Vascular Surgery training in London. During this time, Mr Abdelhamid worked at St Thomas' Hospital, King's College Hospital, St Mary's Hospital and Kent & Canterbury Hospital. Following this, he completed a two year Endovascular Fellowship in Australia before being appointed as Consultant Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon at St George’s University Hospital in 2017.

Alongside his clinical work Mr Abdelhamid is actively involved in research. He has published extensively in high impact vascular surgery journals and has also written a chapter for a textbook.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation
  • Foam Sclerotherapy
  • Varicose Veins Treatment (endovenous ablation, injection and surgery)
  • Thoracic outlet Syndrome
  • First rib and cervical rib decompression
  • Varicose veins
  • Thread and spider veins
  • Aortic Aneurysm
  • Carotid Artery Disease
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Varicose Veins
  • Axillary hyperhydrosis

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General Surgery
24 years of experience
Vascular Surgery

Mr Stephen Black is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Clinical Lead for Venous and Lymphedema surgery at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital. He has a specialist interest in the treatment of both superficial (varicose) and deep veins using minimally invasive techniques.

He completed his medical training at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa before completing an MD degree at St Marys's Hospital and Imperial College, London. He was awarded the fellowship of the European Board of Vascular Surgery in 2011. He was appointed as a consultant to St Georges Hospital, before transferring to Guys and St Thomas Hospital in 2014.

Alongside his clinical work, Mr Black has an active interest in teaching and is an examiner for the Fellowship of the European Board of Vascular Surgery Exam. He is also on the program committee for the European Venous Forum Hands-on Workshops (EVF HOW) and the Charing Cross Vascular Symposium, the largest vascular meeting in the world. 

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Vascular Surgery
23 years of experience

Mr Paritosh Sharma is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust. He has worked at most of the prestigious London vascular centres and his techniques are an amalgamation of the most current and cutting edge practices in Vascular Surgery. He spent a year specialising in endovascular techniques prior to taking up his current consultant post and his expertise in this area is highly regarded.

Mr Sharma has a large practice in managing varicose veins with minimally invasive techniques such as laser ablation, radiofrequency ablation, sclerotherapy and also with open surgery. He has a particular interest in endovascular and hybrid management of complex thoraco-abdominal aortic conditions and works closely with cardiothoracic, interventional radiology colleagues for managing these difficult conditions.

Mr Sharma has published extensively and was awarded an MD thesis in 2015 for his research on the effective and safe monitoring of patients after endovascular interventions.

He has an active interest in the training and teaching of undergraduate and post graduate doctors, in addition, he has developed teaching programmes aimed at nurturing surgical and technical skills of upcoming surgeons.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

  • Varicose veins
  • Laser treatment, sclerotherapy, radio-frequency treatment, open surgery, phlebectomies
  • Botox - excessive sweating
  • Hyperhidrosis treatment 
  • Angioplasty stenting, bypass
  • TEVAR, FEVAR, EVAR, open surgery
  • carotid endarterectomy
  • Spider veins, Bleeding veins, Varicose veins - laser (EVLT) and radio-frequency treatment (RFA), sclerotherapy, open surgery;
  • Leg pain, exercise induced leg pain, claudication - Lower limb arterial disease, leg ulcers, diabetic foot disease (endovascular and open surgery);
  • Aortic disease including aneurysms and dissections (TEVAR, FEVAR, EVAR, open surgery);
  • Stroke prevention, carotid disease (carotid endarterectomy);
  • Excessive sweating ,profuse sweating - Hyperhidrosis treatment (Axillary and palmar);
  • Arterio-venous malformations;
  • Dialysis - Vascular access surgery

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Vascular Surgery
Recommended by 3 specialists
33 years of experience

Mr Bruce Braithwaite is an experienced Senior Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon, with a wealth of over 29 years of experience in treating patients with varicose veins and various other vascular conditions. Mr Braithwaite works both privately and for the NHS, and is the founder of the private practice "Veincare".

He has been a Consultant Vascular Surgeon since 2000, after completing his specialist training in Cambridge, Oxford, London and even in the USA. In the past 10 years, Mr Braithwaite has treated over 3000 patients with varicose veins and other conditions in his private practice. Not to mention the many others he has treated as part of his service to the NHS, where he also established the venous service as part of the Circle Treatment Centre, Europe's largest day case facility.

He is widely acknowledged as an expert in local anaesthesia and varicose vein treatment. In order to spare his patients from having to return for further procedures, Mr Braithwaite strives to treat all of the varicose veins in a single session. What's more, he offers a similar service for patients requiring, or wishing, to have their treatments under general anaesthetic or sedation as a day case of overnight.

Mr Braithwaite is always on hand to advise other consultants on how best to treat people with varicose veins and deep venous disease. He has also treated many of his medical colleagues, thanks to his reputation for giving an expert opinion, using an evidence-based approach and only advising to perform a procedure when absolutely necessary.

Mr Braithwaite is also an active researcher in the field of vascular surgery, having led the team that established the Olympus RFiTT keyhole technique. Owing to his meaningful contribution to research in varicose vein treatment, Mr Braithwaite's work has been recommended by NICE as guidance to optimise treatment. He is also affiliated with a number of professional societies and organisations. He is Clinical Lead for the Cardiac, Vascular and Respiratory Department at Circle Healthcare, a Council Member of the Venous Forum of the Royal Society of Medicine and Founder Member of the International Society for Vascular Surgery.

Mr Braithwaite receives 5-star patient feedback on a regular basis. Further feedback and reviews for Mr Braithwaite can be viewed at  and on twitter @veincareclinics.

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General Surgery
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35 years of experience
Vascular Surgery

Mr Sudip Ray is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Kingston and Charing cross hospitals in 2000 and the Chairman of the Thrombosis Group of Kingston Hospital. After qualifying from Magdalen College, Oxford University and completing clinical studies at the Westminster Hospital, London, He worked as a Consultant at Frimley Park Hospital and a Senior Registrar at both St.Thomas' and St. George's hospitals in London. In the past, Mr Ray has also worked as a Travelling Fellow in the prestigious vascular centres at UCLA, California and Albany Medical Centre, New York. Currently, he also practices privately in Wimbledon, Kingston, Harley Street, and the Channel Islands.

Mr Ray is experienced in all aspects of the arterial and venous disease but is particularly interested in minimally invasive keyhole treatment of varicose veins, management of deep vein thrombosis, arterial blockages of the legs and sclerotherapy. He is the UK lead trainer for the procedure, Venaseal, a technique to close veins using medical superglue without the need for anaesthetic. 


Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

  • Varicose vein surgery 
  • Laser varicose 
  • Angioplasty 
  • Bypass blocked arteries 
  • Assessment and treatment of lower limb arterial diseases and swelling
  • Venaseal bioadhesive treatment of veins
  • 1 stop duplex scanning 
  • Keyhole Varicose vein procedures
  • Peripheral arterial disease
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General Surgery
26 years of experience
Vascular Surgery

Mr Colin Bicknell is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Clinical Academic  as well as the Head of Specialty for Vascular surgery at St Mary's Hospital, London. 

He is currently President of the British Society of Endovascular Therapy, Chair of the Research Advisory Group for The Aortic Dissection Charitable Trust in the UK, Treasurer of teh Surgical Section of the Royal Society of Medicine, and is a member of the Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland and European Society of Vascular Surgery. 

He also sees patients privately, at The Harley Street. Mr Bicknell specialises in the full range of vascular conditions that require surgical and medical attention, including aortic, carotid artery, upper limb arterial and lower limb aterial, lymphatic and venous disease. He has particular interests in aneurysm repair and minimally invasive (keyhole) therapies, including aneurysms and laser vein surgery. He also has a large practice in thoracic outlet syndrome.

Mr Bicknell is also active in research , and he has also explored the advantages of robotic endovascular catheters in the vascular tree, which has led to the world’s first trials of vascular robotics in man. His research interests also include examination of methods to reduce error in vascular surgery procedures, leading to the initiation of a unique team training programme at Imperial. He has run a number of large scale clinical trials in the field of aortic disease treatment.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

  • Vascular Surgery, arterial and venous.
  • Vascular Conditions, including arterial, venous, lymphatic and thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Vascular screening and lifestyle
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General Surgery
14 years of experience

Mr Mital Desai is a consultant vascular and endovascular surgeon based at The Harley Street Clinic, London. His NHS practice is at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and he is also a Clinical Senior Lecturer at St George's University of London. His clinical interests include lower extremity arterial disease, aortic aneurysms, carotid artery disease and TIAs/stroke, diabetic foot management, venous disease (including varicose veins and post-thrombotic limb), and cardiovascular risk management. He specialises in walk-in, walk-out procedures for varicose veins and leg ulcers and uses minimally invasive procedures such as radiofrequency ablation and ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy.

Mr Desai gained his medical qualifications in India in 2003 and went on to complete higher surgical training, recognised by The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He moved to the UK in 2006 and spent a year training in vascular surgery at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester. Following this, he moved to London where he completed an MD in basic science vascular research developing novel aortic stent-grafts for endovascular repair. He has won several grants and fellowship awards for his work in this area. Mr Desai then gained entry to a highly competitive clinical academic training programme funded by the National Institute for Health Research. He later completed a post-CCT fellowship at St Thomas’ Hospital, London gaining advanced endovascular training in aortic, lower extremity arterial and deep venous disease before joining St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Mr Desai is dedicated to medical education and has supervised both MSc and PhD students. He has also mentored several students during their general surgery placements and gained an educational fellowship at the London Postgraduate School of Surgery. He has also published numerous peer-reviewed papers and has presented his work at many conference lectures.

Mr Desai's interests outside of the hospital include travel, cooking, contemporary Indian music, and sports.

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General Surgery
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18 years of experience
Vascular Surgery

Mr Joseph Shalhoub is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon appointed at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, St Mary’s Hospital, Charing Cross Hospital and Hammersmith Hospital, London.

He qualified with honours from Imperial College School of Medicine, completing his postgraduate surgical training in London including St Mary’s Hospital, Charing Cross Hospital, and St Thomas’ Hospital. Mr Shalhoub is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (FRCS), and was awarded the Gold Medal for the highest mark in the Fellowship of the European Board of Vascular Surgery (FEBVS) examination. After receiving his Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) and gaining entry onto the General Medical Council (GMC) Specialist Register, he undertook a post-CCT Senior Clinical Fellowship in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at St Thomas’ Hospital, London.

Mr Shalhoub has a strong academic and educational background which compliments his evidence-based clinical practice. He is an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer in the Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London.

He is co-investigator for four National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) government-funded large multi-centre randomised clinical trials:

Co-Investigator: Diagnostic tools to establish the presence and severity of peripheral arterial disease in people with diabetes (NIHR HTA DM PAD Study)

Co-Investigator: Compression Hosiery to Avoid Post-Thrombotic Syndrome (NIHR HTA CHAPS Trial)

Co-Investigator: Does Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation improve the absolute walking distance in patients with Intermittent Claudication compared to best available treatment? a multicentre randomised controlled study (NIHR / MRC EME NESIC Trial)

Co-Investigator: Examining the benefit of graduated compression stockings as an adjunct to low dose low molecular weight heparin in the prevention of venous thromboembolism in elective surgical inpatients identified as moderate or high risk for venous thromboembolism – a multi-centre randomised controlled trial (NIHR HTA GAPS Trial)

He completed his BSc, PhD and Masters in Education (MEd) all at Imperial College London, receiving Research Fellowships from the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the Circulation Foundation. To date, he has secured more than £5 million in research funding as principal applicant or co-applicant, and has published more than 190 Pubmed indexed articles.

Mr Shalhoub is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), Fellow of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (FFSTEd), Council Member and past Honorary Secretary of the Surgery Section of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), Executive Committee Member of the Vascular and Endovascular Research Network (VERN), Council Member of the Surgical Research Society (SRS), Associate Editor (Vascular Surgery) of the International Journal of Cardiology (Elsevier), and member of the panel of question writers for the JCIE Intercollegiate Specialty Examination in Vascular Surgery. He was a Council Member and twice past Vice-President of the Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT).


Google Scholar:


Twitter: @JosephShalhoub

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

Vascular and endovascular surgery

  • Treatments for arterial diseases
  • Carotid endarterectomy (carotid surgery for stroke prevention)
  • Treatments for varicose veins
  • Vascular surgical access and support for transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)

Vascular and endovascular surgery

  • Arterial disease
  • Limb salvage
  • Foot disease in diabetes
  • Venous disease
  • Varicose veins
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Swollen legs
  • Leg ulcers
  • Carotid disease
  • Aortic pathologies
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General Surgery
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19 years of experience
Vascular Surgery

Miss Celia Theodoreli-Riga works at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust as a Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Clinical Senior Lecturer. Being the Head of School of Surgery for London, Health Education England, Miss Celia is responsible for managing one of the largest postgraduate education programs in the country. She has vast experience in the medicinal field and known for serving as the Surgical Training Committee Chair and Training Program Director in Vascular Surgery. Miss Celia also holds a position on the UKRI/EPSRC Healthcare Technologies Strategic Advisory Board.

In 2010, Miss Celia was appointed as a Clinical Lecturer in Surgery after obtaining her Doctorate in Medicine from Imperial College. Along with all her achievements, Miss Celia is experienced in treating the cases of aortic aneurysms, occlusive vascular disease, endovenous management of varicose veins, sclerotherapy, carotid disease, diabetic foot disease, stroke prevention, aortic dissection and endovascular robotic surgery. She is also known for her 300 podium presentations, over 100 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters that gave her an international reputation.

Furthermore, Miss Celia has certified experience in Medtech and clinical translation for medical devices. She is an active member of New Interventional Procedures Committee which regulates and monitors clinical adoption of novel devices and techniques across all Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust sites. Besides her interest in the medical field, Miss Celia serves as an examiner for Imperial College and Oxford University. She has a keen interest in learning innovative techniques for the treatment of arterial and venous disease, training and education, incorporating new advances in technology. With 30 national and international prizes, Miss Celia attracts over £10 million in funding.

Diseases, Medical Tests & Treatments

  • Aortic aneurysms
  • Arterial disease
  • Varicose veins
  • Carotid disease and stroke prevention
  • Aortic dissection
  • Endovascular robotic surgery
  • Complex wounds and ulcers

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Mr Maher Hamish

Mr Maher Hamish

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Mr Maher Hamish

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General Surgery
33 years of experience
Laparoscopic (Key-Hole) Surgery, Vascular Surgery

Mr Hamish works as a Consultant Specialist in General and Vascular Surgery at both Northampton and Kettering General Hospitals and he holds weekly clinics for both Private and NHS patients at BMI Three Shires In Northampton and Woodland Hospital at Kettering

After medical school and basic surgical training, he completed specialist training in general, laparoscopic and endocrine surgery at Leeds General Infirmary and Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.

Mr Hamish finished his research degree in 2005 at Imperial College London before going on to develop his experience and knowledge further with over 4 years vascular, endovascular and organ transplantation surgical training at Charing Cross and Hammersmith Hospitals in London. Following this, he spent 3 years living on the Sunshine Coast in Australia where he worked as a Senior level Consultant Surgeon in Vascular & endovascular surgery.

As a vascular specialist Mr Hamish treats the complete range of vascular diseases including aortic aneurysm, carotid, diabetic foot and peripheral arterial disease. However he will also see patients for other general conditions such as haemorrhoids, lumps and bumps and hernias.

He has a special interest in the minimally-invasive treatment of varicose veins and often performs endovenous laser (EVLT), radiofrequency ablation and foam sclerotherapy. Outside of his consultancy work Mr Hamish dedicates his time to training fellow surgeons in these minimally invasive techniques, both in the UK and abroad.

Mr Hamish takes a very careful and considerate approach in every aspect of his consultancy work and he makes every effort to ensure patient dignity, safety and confidentiality are maintained at all times. In his spare time he is a keen swimmer and also likes to go horse-riding with his two children.

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