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35 years of experience
General Urology, Kidney Stones, Benign Prostatic Enlargement + 1 more

Ken Anson is a Consultant Urological Surgeon and Reader in Urology at St George’s University Hospitals.  He has been providing world class care to urology patients in the United Kingdom and beyond for over 20 years and has introduced many new surgical techniques to help patients who suffer from urological issues such as urinary stone disease, ureteric obstruction and sepsis in his urology practice.  He is a high volume surgeon performing ureteroscopy, ureterorenoscopy, laser fragmentation of ureteric stones, PCNL, bladder stone destruction, ESWL on regular occasions. 

Mr Anson has had a long track record in Urological research and for the past decade has worked with colleagues to deliver a nationally funded research pipeline to answer some of the most important questions in urinary stone disease.  The first published trial (the SUSPEND study) has helped change worldwide practice for the benefit of patients.

Mr Anson is a leading specialist in many urological conditions but foremost is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary stone disease.  However he is also involved in helping patients suffering from blood in the urine, ureteric obstruction, ureteric colic, urinary symptoms, urinary infections, sepsis and benign prostatic diseases.  He enjoys a national and international reputation as an Endourology expert and has published extensively in this area.  He regularly lectures and teaches at both home and abroad about urinary stone disease and the use of technology to improve patient outcomes.

Alongside his clinical work Ken has held important management roles including serving as a St George's Divisional Chairman for three years.  He has been Secretary and Chairman of the British Association of Urological Surgeons’ (BAUS) Section of Endourology and been a BAUS trustee for 5 years.  He is now Treasurer and a Trustee of the British Journal of Urology International charity and works with The Urology Foundation on Endourological projects.  He is also an Examiner and Assessor for the Intercollegiate Urology Examination (and examines nationally and internationally) and is the Royal College of Surgeon’s representative on the Intercollegiate Examination Board of Urology.

In his spare time Ken likes to fly-fish for trout, salmon and sea bass, ski, sail and walk his flat coated retriever Bracken.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • Ureteric stone removal
  • Bladder stone removal
  • Ureteric stent insertion/removal/change
  • Percutaneous nephrolithotomy
  • Retrograde ureterography
  • Nephrostomy tubes
  • Narrow band imaging of upper tracts
  • Ureteric tumour diagnosis
  • Laser destruction of ureteric and renal tumours
  • Kidney stones
  • Ureteric stones 
  • Bladder stones
  • Ureteric stent management 
  • Ureteric obstruction
  • Urinary tract infections/UTIs
  • Urinary sepsis
  • Ureteric tumours
  • Laser destruction of renal and ureteric tumours
  • Complex diagnostic urological problems
  • Second opinions
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19 years of experience
Kidney Stones, Benign Prostatic Enlargement, General Urology + 3 more

Mr Tamer El-Husseiny is a consultant urological surgeon at Charing Cross and St Mary's hospitals. In addition to general urology he sub-specialises in the diagnosis and management of kidney stones and Benign prostatic disorders. He is an expert in endourological surgery (minimally invasive surgery) such as ureteroscopy and laser stone fragmentation, PCNL (keyhole surgery for kidney stones), HoLEP (Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate), Urolift, Rezum water vapour therapy and the endourological management of upper tract urothelial cancers. He treats other upper tract abnormalities, including strictures and extrinsic obstruction. He also has special expertise in the use of different types of urological stents.

Mr El-Husseiny graduated from medical school with honours, he has then completed his basic surgical and urological training and was appointed as an assistant lecturer in urology. He underwent his higher specialist urological training on both the London and West Midlands urology training schemes. In addition, he has also completed the prestigious two-year subspecialty endourology fellowship (Awarded by the Endourological Society, USA) at St Bartholomew's Hospital, specialising in the management of complex stone disease.

He has completed a MSc and MD degrees in urology and is very passionate about research and academic urology. He has led on and completed numerous research projects and has extensively published in peer reviewed journals, authored book chapters and presented in international, national and regional conferences and meetings. He maintains a strong teaching interest and he has taught on numerous courses and workshops. He is also a peer reviewer for numerous international journals.


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Book Chapters:

Ureteric stents; Physiology of stent flow. Tamer El-Husseiny & Martin Knight. In: N P Buchholz et al (Eds), Handbook of Urinary Stents: Basic Science and Clinical Applications. ISBN-10: 1907816658. ISBN-13: 978-1907816659 JP Medical Ltd, London, 2016  

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Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy: Renal Stones. El-Husseiny T, Papatsoris A, Masood J, Buchholz N. In: N.P. Rao et al.
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23 years of experience
Kidney Stones

Mr Ranan Dasgupta is a Consultant Urological Surgeon.

His special interests include management of haematuria, prostate disease and comprehensive renal stone management.


Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • Kidney Stone Prevention
  • Prostate cancer
  • Ureteroscopy
  • Stone disease
  • BPH (prostate enlargement)
  • Neuro-Urology
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31 years of experience
General Urology, Andrology, Reconstructive Urology + 1 more

Mr Minhas is a Consultant Urologist and Andrologist at Imperial College, London. A recipient of the prestigious Karl Storz Telescope award, given to specialists who have made a significant and lasting contribution to British Urology. He is recognised internationally as a key opinion leader in his field, and has been consistently voted one of the top private doctors in the UK by Tatler magazine.

Mr Minhas is a firm believer of evidenced based practice and specialises in treating problems affecting the male genitals and is one of the UK’s only dedicated andrological surgeons. In addition, he has published extensively on the subject (including a recent textbook on Male Sexual Dysfunction), chaired scientific meetings both nationally and internationally in the field of andrological surgery, and regularly receives invitations as an international speaker on the topic. Suks is also referee to a number of scientific journals and a member of international guideline committees, and is actively involved in the teaching and training of surgeons in the UK.

He is a board member of the European Society of Andrological Urology (ESAU) and co-chair of the European Association of Urology guidelines on male sexual and reproductive health.

He was chairman of the British Association of Urological Surgeons Section of Andrology and is currently a board member of the European Society of Andrological Surgery. Suks also works closely with The Lister Fertility Clinic one of the largest fertility centres in the UK who offer sperm freezing and storage services.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • Surgery for male infertility blockages
  • Surgical sperm retrieval including PESA, MESA and micro-dissection TESE for ICSI with sperm freezing
  • Vasectomy and microsurgical reversal of vasectomy
  • Genital oncology including surgical treatment of cancer of the penis, testis and scrotum
  • Sexual dysfunction including medical and surgical treatments for erectile dysfunction
  • Ejaculatory disorders including premature ejaculation
  • Testicular pain
  • Peyronie's disease
  • Medical and surgical treatments
  • Penile reconstruction following penile cancer, trauma and micro-penis
  • Lymphoedema of the penis and disorders of the suspensory ligament of the penis
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37 years of experience
General Urology, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Benign Prostatic Enlargement + 1 more

Professor David Nicol has been a Consultant Urologist for over 20 years, currently appointed as Consultant Urologist and Chief of Surgery at the Royal Marsden Hospital since 2012. His clinical work focusses on urological cancer, predominantly complex kidney and testicular cancer, in conjunction to a strong interest in general adult urology, encompassing diagnosis and treatment of common urological conditions related to bladder and prostatic symptoms, male genital problems and urinary infections.

Originally from Australia, Professor Nicol trained in Brisbane, Queensland and Canada. He was previously Director of Urology and Renal Transplantation at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane and Professor of Surgery at the University of Queensland, pioneering laparoscopic urological surgery and performing the first laparoscopic nephrectomy in 1993. He has worked in the UK since 2009 – initially at the Royal Free Hospital and UCLH where he was Clinical Lead of Renal Transplantation and Renal Surgery. Following his move to the Royal Marsden Hospital in 2012 his clinical work has focussed on complex surgery for kidney cancer including those with vena caval extension and testicular cancer with patients referred nationally and internationally by urological colleagues. With testicular cancer he performs approximately 25% of all retroperitoneal lymph node resections in the UK. He has trained numerous urologists from UK and abroad in his subspecialty interests who now also practice in these areas at other major institutions. In addition he frequently works with colleagues in other surgical specialities such as gynaecology and colorectal surgery for complex surgical procedures where urological structures are involved and made need to be resected or repaired.

Professor Nicol’s research interests focus on kidney and testicular cancer and he is an invited speaker at specialty meetings in the UK and abroad. He has published over 150 articles in specialty journals and 8 book chapters. He is member of the European Association of Urology Testicular Cancer Guidelines as well as the NCRI Kidney and Bladder Research Committee.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

  • Renal surgery including caval tumours
  • Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection for testicular cancer
  • Adrenalectomy
  • Kidney cancer
  • Testis cancer
  • Urological oncology
  • Retroperitoneal malignancy
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33 years of experience
Benign Prostatic Enlargement, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Urological Oncology

Mr Chris Anderson is a well-respected Consultant Urologist with HCA Healthcare at The Princess Grace Hospital, Chiswick Medical Centre and The Harley Street Clinic. His special interest is in renal and prostate cancer, where he offers a variety to therapies to his clients. He has a wide range of experience in minimally invasive procedures such as robotic and laparoscopic surgery, reducing pain and infection risk and enhancing patients recovery time.

He was awarded his Medical Degree in South Africa and moved to the UK in 1997 to continue his training in urology across London hospitals including Charing Cross and The Middlesex Hospital. He was appointed Consultant in 1999 at St George's Hospital in south-west London where he began focusing on minimally invasive surgeries. He completed Fellowships at the renowned Cleaveland Clinic, Ohio and Jackson University in Miami where he gained invaluable experience in laparoscopic renal surgery. On his return to the UK, he set up a tertiary referral practice and was the first urologist in the UK to introduce renal cryotherapy in 2004. Following this, in 2005 his team introduced robotic surgery which he continues to have a keen interest in. He remains heavily involved in research and has had numerous journals published. He has presented at conferences at a national level, including the British Association of Urological Surgeons annual meeting.

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Paediatric (Pediatric) Surgery
23 years of experience

Miss Nishat Rahman is a Consultant specialising in Paediatric Surgery. She has a particular interest in paediatric urology, including Hydronephrosis, Undescended testicle, urinary incontinence, Hypospadias and other renal tract disorders.

Miss Rahman qualified with a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of London in 1997. More impressively, she undertook a fellowship in the cellular basis of bladder sensation, as appointed by the Royal College of Surgeons of England. She completed surgical training in several hospitals across London, including Chelsea & Westminster, Great Ormond Street Hospital and St George’s Hospital. Furthermore she completed sub-specialist training, before being appointed Consultant in Paediatric Urology at The Evelina Children’s Hospital, and then in the Chelsea & Westminster and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trusts.     

She can perform minimally invasive procedures, she has written a consensus statement for the British Association of Paediatric Urologists and has also published her work in several peer-reviewed journals.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • Neonatal surgery
  • Orchiopexy for Undescended Testicle (UDT)
  • Bladder Instillation
  • Ureteroscopy
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Bladder Pain
  • Faecal Incontinence
  • Male Infertility
  • Testicular Pain
  • Undescended Testicle
  • Hydronephrosis,
  • Neuropathic bladder
  • Hypospadias
  • Vesico - ureteric reflux
  • Renal tract anomalies
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21 years of experience
Reconstructive Urology

Mr Pardeep Kumar is a Consultant Urologist based at the Royal Marsden Hospital. He graduated in Medicine from the University of Manchester, before completing specialist training in the US and Egypt.

He has a specialist interest in urinary tract cancers and reconstruction. He uses the da Vinci surgical platform and has recently started the robotic cystectomy program at the Royal Marsden Hospital. He also specialises in diagnostic urology, in particular MRI guided prostate biopsy and Blue Light cystoscopy. 

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • MRI Guided Prostate biopsy
  • Blue Light Cystoscopy
  • Narrow-Band Cystoscopy
  • Robotic Cystectomy
  • Bladder Reconstruction 
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Urinary Tract Cancers 
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Paediatric (Pediatric) Surgery
11 years of experience
Laparoscopic (Key-Hole) Surgery, Neonatal Surgery, Urology

Mr Massimo Garriboli is a Consultant Paediatric Urologist at Guy’s ad St Thomas’ NHS Trust, working at Evelina Children’s Hospital and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College London. He also sees patients privately, including at The Portland Hospital.

He has an active interest in research and since 2010 and in collaboration with Professor De Coppi at University College, London, he has been working on amniotic fuid-derived stem cells and tissue engineering with particular focus on bladder replacement.

Mr Garriboli graduated from university in Milan in 2003 and trained in paediatric surgery and paediatric urology in Italy and Spain, undertaking a two year fellowship in paediatric urology at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

  • Reconstructive Urology
  • Endoscopic Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • General Urology
  • Antenatal Counselling
  • Neonatal Urology
  • Posterior Urethral Valves
  • Hypospadias
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Incontinence
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28 years of experience
Benign Prostatic Enlargement, General Urology, Kidney Stones + 2 more

Professor Hitendra Patel is a leading expert in the field of Urology, offering general and specialist urological care. He specialises in Urological Cancers including prostate, bladder and kidney.

Professor Patel has been instrumental in the training of junior urologists, he has taught extensively on Minimal Access Surgery, Robotics and Simulation. Until very recently he was Deputy Director of the Minimal Access Surgery and Simulation Centre at University College London Hospital. He has also co-led the implementation of minimal access surgery at a number of departments including Section of Laparoscopy and Robotic Surgery at University of Rochester Medical Centre (URMC) in New York, University College London Hospitals, Royal Free and Whittington NHS Trusts and Guys and St Thomas's NHS Trust.

He was made an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at Bart’s & The London, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and recently became a Professor of Surgery & Urology, and Director of Robotic Urological Surgery, University Hospital North Norway.

Professor Patel is actively involved in clinical research and has been published in over 300 articles, book chapters, abstracts and books. He also supervises students conducting research through PhD and MSc programmes. 

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • Blue Light Crystoscopy 
  • Prostate Biopsy 
  • Prostatectomy (TURP)
  • PSA
  • Laproscopic Procedures (keyhole surgery) 
  • Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumour (TURBT) 



  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Blood in Urine (Haematuria)  
  • Erectile Dysfunction 
  • Prostate Cancer 




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