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Orthopaedic Surgery
Recommended by 17 specialists
27 years of experience
Foot & Ankle Surgery, Paediatric (Pediatric) Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Injury + 1 more

Specialising in foot and ankle disorders, Mr Andrew Goldberg is a fellowship trained Orthopaedic Surgeon based in London. As well as his role as Visiting Professor in Trauma and Orthopaedics at Imperial College London, Mr Goldberg leads a number of large national clinical research studies looking to discover new and innovative therapies and advance the field of orthopaedics.

Mr Goldberg adopts a non-interventional approach to treatment and always keeps the patient's wishes, concerns and lifestyle at the heart of his decision making. He is supported by a strong multidisciplinary team, which includes a network of highly skilled physiotherapists, podiatrists, orthotists and pilates instructors, who together help more than 85% of his patients avoid surgery.

In recognition of his outstanding contribution and service to Medicine, Mr Goldberg was awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) by the Queen in 2011. He is also an accomplished international lecturer and has published widely in leading peer-reviewed journals.

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Recommended by 12 specialists
27 years of experience
Preventative Cardiology, Heart Failure, Interventional Cardiology

Dr Brian Clapp is a highly regarded Consultant Cardiologist who offers care in both general cardiology and interventional and structural cardiology. Dr Clapp is based as a Consultant Cardiologist and Senior Lecturer at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, where he also provide private care. He also offers private services at The London Bridge Hospital. Dr Clapp has extensive experience and skill in all aspects of coronary intervention (angioplasty) and his experience includes the assessment and closure of atrial septal defects and patent foramen ovale, including for cryptogenic strokes.

After graduating with an honours degree from the University of Cambridge in 1991, followed by a medical degree from University College London in 1994, Dr Clapp went on to complete extensive training in a number of teaching hospitals around London. He achieved a PhD from the University of London thanks to a British Heart Foundation Fellowship, during which his research focus was in the association between inflammation and acute cardiac arrest. In 2005, Dr Clapp completed his specialist cardiology training with a significant focus on coronary and structural intervention. Dr Clapp is also passionate about cardiac diving medicine and is even registered on the Health and Safety Executive Register as a secondary specialist with an interest in diving.

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Recommended by 14 specialists
28 years of experience
Heart Failure, Congenital Heart Disease, Heart Muscle Disease/Cardiomyopathy + 1 more

Professor Gerald Carr-White, Consultant Cardiologist is currently situated in London working within the Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS trust. He is highly specialised in the treatment of heart failure, and inherited cardiac diseases, as is highly competent in general cardiology including the assessment of palpitations, chest pain and valvular heart disease. He is currently the Clinical Lead for hear failure and inherited disease and Medical Director of the cardiovascular, respiratory and critical care unit at Guy’s and St Thomas’s Trust.

Professor Carr-White qualified in Medicine from St George’s Medical School, with UCL honours. He then proceeded to train in general medicine at Brompton, Hammersmith and St Mary’s hospitals, prior to his admission to the Royal College of Physicians in 1996. During his training he undertook a research degree in the mechanics of ventricular function and was awarded a PhD for his work in 2000, for his work alongside Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub and Dr Derek Gibson. Following this qualified from his Higher Speciality Training in 2006 in both Cardiology and General medicine.

He is a very active member of the research community, holding the position of Professor in heart failure and inherited diseases at King’s College London. He is asked to lecture at many international institutions. He has a substantial publication history with over 120 peer-reviewed articles focused on heart failure, inherited cardiac diseases, cardiac imaging and valve disease. He has been able to secure over 7 million pounds for his research in grants.

Currently, he is sat on 2 national leadership groups responsible for developing guidelines and service specifications for cardiology across the UK. He is also one of 2 cardiologists involved in the pan London Oversight Board which manages strategy, patient pathways and Covid management and recovery. He is also the VP for Cardiomyopathy UK, and elected member of the National Association of Inherited Cardiac Disease. Additionally, he works with both King’s Health Partners and the NHS England South London Cardiac Network as the Network Clinical Lead. HCA have also appointed him National Lead for Heart Failure. 

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Recommended by 4 specialists
25 years of experience
General Urology, Urological Oncology

Mr Christian Brown is a Consultant Urological Surgeon and a member of the prostate robotic and laparoscopic teams at King's College Hospital and Guy's Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts in London. He trained at a number of leading healthcare institutions across England, including King's College Hospital, University College Hospital, The Royal Marsden and The Royal College of Surgeons, as well as other hospitals across the South East of England.

Mr Brown offers care in both general and specialist urology. His general urology practice involves the assessment and management of general urological conditions including those of the kidney, bladder, prostate and male genitalia. His specialist urology practice involves laparoscopic and robotic surgery, with particularly extensive experience in robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP), having over 1250 cases under his belt.

Mr Brown shares his vast surgical experience as a lecturer on various postgraduate courses at University of London and in Europe. He has educated trainees and consultants in practical surgical skills in the UK and abroad. He is also an active clinical researcher in benign and malignant prostate disease, and has published over 45 peer reviewed articles in the field of urology.

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Orthopaedic Surgery
Recommended by 6 specialists
22 years of experience
Hip Surgery, Sports Injury, Trauma Surgery

Mr Giles Stafford is a London-based Consultant Orthopaedic Hip Surgeon with specialist expertise in sports-related hip injuries, minimally invasive and custom hip replacement (including hip athroscopy), femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) surgery, hip dysplasia (DDH), among many other kinds of hip and pelvis complaints. Having had extensive training and years of experience in hip and knee surgery, Mr Stafford's is a true expert when it comes to hip arthroscopy and sports hip injuries and even shares his insights and expertise through teaching hip arthroscopy courses.

After graduating with a medical degree in 1999 from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital (King's College London School of Medicine), Mr Stafford went on to train at Bart's and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Following this, he went onto to complete a specialist training programme in orthopaedics as part of the North West Thames Foundation School (Imperial College London). He also went on to complete fellowships at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge, Norfolk and Norwich.

Mr Stafford practices privately at Sport Hip London, where he works closely with leading sports physicians and physiotherapists to help patients receive the optimal care both before and after surgery. He is a firm believer in providing an individual and tailored approach to each of his patients, according to their wishes, needs and their particular injury. Mr Stafford is also equipped with the latest technology and specialist techniques when it comes to treatment, including 3D-printed instruments and customised implants, and often uses a particular technique called ‘Enhanced Recovery’ for patients requiring a hip replacement, which helps to minimise post-operative pain and complications.

Mr Stafford has also published widely in the field of orthopaedics and is often invited to speak at both national and international conferences.

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Recommended by 7 specialists
22 years of experience
General Urology, Urological Oncology

Mr Greg Shaw is a London based Urological Surgeon consultant. He graduated from St Bartholomew’s Medical College in 1999 in Medicine. He went on to study further at St Bartholemew’s Hospital completing a MD research degree in which he discovered his interest in prostate cancer. This interest was developed over a 4 year period in with he held a Lectureship at The University of Cambridge, working within a world-class facility alongside a world-renowned research team. During this period he produced important findings from his research, further enhancing his keen interest and contribution to the prostate cancer field.

Afterwards, he began his specialist training in urology in North Thames where he was awarded a Fellowship by the Royal College of Surgeons of England. His fellowship allowed him to further develop his interests including an interest in Robotic surgery.

Mr Shaw continues to use the scientific skills learnt in his research degree, delivering up-to-date evidence-based diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer to ensure the best treatment of his patients. The services he provided encompass the urology field including: investigation of common problems (blood in the urine, etc), difficulty in urination, Raised PSA levels and urinary tract infections. Additionally, he also diagnoses and treats prostate and bladder cancer, using a wide range of biopsies (trans-perineal and MRI guided) to diagnose prostate cancers. Moreover, he also is able to perform benign prostate surgery and inguino-scrotal surgery. 

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General Surgery
Recommended by 2 specialists
31 years of experience
Breast Surgery

Professor Kefah Mokbel is an internationally acclaimed surgeon and researcher in breast cancer. He is based at the London Breast Institute, where he is the Lead Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon. He specialises in the multidisciplinary care of patients with breast cancer, with expertise in all aspects of the disease, including early detection of breast cancer, rapid assessment of breast lumps, prevention of breast cancer, genetic predisposition, breast MRI, risk-reducing surgery for BRCA1, BRCA2 and PALB2 gene mutation carriers, minimally-invasive breast surgery, ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS), skin-sparing and nipple-sparing mastectomy, nipple discharge, sentinel node biopsy, wireless breast localisation, oncoplastic breast surgery, breast lipofilling/fat grafting, as well as the management of benign conditions including breast cysts, breast pain and fibroadenomas. In addition, he is proficient in reconstructive and aesthetic/cosmetic breast surgery.

After graduating from the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry with an undergraduate medical degree in 1990, Professor Mokbel undertook surgical training at various hospitals, including the Royal Marsden, Charing Cross, Chelsea and Westminster, St Mary’s and St Bartholomew’s.

Throughout his years of education, training and surgery, Professor Mokbel has been given an extensive array of distinguished awards and honours. He became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1994, and, in recognition of his service and contribution to research in molecular biology of breast cancer, he received a Master of Surgery degree from Imperial College London in 2000. Also recognition of his outstanding contribution to the field of breast cancer, he was appointed Professor of Breast Cancer Surgery (Honorary) at Brunel University London in 2002 and Reader in Breast Surgery at St George’s University of London in 2005. From February 2001 until November 2010, Professor Mokbel held the role of substantive consultant breast surgeon at St George's Hospital, after which he moved on to become Honorary Consultant Breast Surgeon at St George's Hospital.

Professor Mokbel has been an author on more than 400 scientific publications, including articles, editorials, textbook chapters and commentaries. What's more, he is also an editorial board member and peer reviewer for a number of globally renowned medical journals, including The Lancet. Demonstrating his passion for improving the quality and quantity of the lives of women diagnosed with breast cancer, Professor Mokbel founded the charity Breast Cancer Hope, of which he is the current president. He has also featured on numerous occasions (2006, 2007 and 2013) in Tatler magazine’s "Best Doctor’s Guide" as one of the "Top Breast Surgeons". In 2010, he was also listed as one of "Britain's Top Doctors" in the Times magazine.

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Respiratory Medicine
Recommended by 6 specialists
21 years of experience
General (Internal) Medicine

Dr James Hull, Consultant Respiratory Physician has been working within the Royal Brompton NHS Trust since 2012. He has a wealth of experience in treating respiratory issues associated with physical exercise and more general issues like chronic debilitating cough, persistent throat symptoms, and unexplained shortness of breath.

Dr Hull begun his medical education studying Exercise physiology at St George’s Medical School, then then went on to study Medicine here graduating in 2000. He then proceeded to undergo specialist training in General and Respiratory Medicine. He also undertook a research degree, which resulted in him being awarded a PhD in 2010. During his career he has also developed specialist skills in assisting athletes with respiratory conditions.

He is recognised as an expert in his field, he currently works as a respiratory expert for the International Olympic Committee and the English Institute of Sport. He has also previously held the position of Clinical Lecturer at the National Institute for Health Research and UCLA. 

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Orthopaedic Surgery
Recommended by 3 specialists
41 years of experience
Hip Surgery, Sports Injury

Professor Richard Field is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in hip-related problems. He is the UK's most experienced surgeon in Direct Anterior Hip Replacement (minimally invasive, muscle-sparing), and has used this technique since 2008. He uses both the standard longitudinal and the less visible bikini incisions as needed. Professor Field has extensive experience in complex sports and developmental hip problems, and he is regarded as a world leader in hip preservation and rapid recovery hip replacement surgery. He lectures internationally and performs more than 200 hip operations per year. He has also previously worked as an adviser for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

Prof Field completed his medical training at Westminster Hospital in 1980 and went on to work at a number of London hospitals, including The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and University College Hospital. He went on to complete a PhD at Cambridge University and undertook specialist orthopaedic training in the UK and Australia. He is the professor of orthopaedic surgery at St George's University of London and is the director of research at the South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre (SWLEOC). His private practice is primarily at The Lister Hospital in Chelsea.

Professor Field is a pioneer of Arthroscopic Hip Surgery and was the first surgeon in the London area to use hip resurfacing. He has previously served as President of the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy and has been involved in the design and evaluation of new implant designs since 1983. He is currently conducting clinical research on short femoral stem implants as well as some of the newer hip resurfacing designs. Where appropriate, he uses robotic-assisted surgery and patient-specific custom cutting blocks to achieve optimal component alignment. (Patients who want to be considered for new implant studies may need to be treated at SWLEOC).

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Recommended by 5 specialists
15 years of experience
General Urology, Urological Oncology, Neuro-Urology + 4 more

Mr Rajesh Nair, Consultant Urological Surgeon has been working within the Guy’s and St Thomas’s Trust since 2017. He is highly specialised in open, laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgery of cancer in the bladder, kidney, prostate, and testis, he can also perform reconstructive urological surgery. His expertise extends across the whole spectrum of urological issues including Blood in the Urine, Urinary Tract Symptoms, Urological cancers, Urinary Tract Reconstruction, PUJ Obstruction, and testicular pain. He is also qualified to perform Blue-light Cystoscopy and Intravesical Bladder Treatment Strategies in Bladder Cancer, Continent and Incontinent Urinary Diversion, Bladder and Kidney Preservation for Cancer, Upper Tract Urothelial Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment, and Robotic Pyeloplasty.

Mr Nair has undertaken fellowships in robotics, uro-oncology, and reconstructive urology within many prestigious institutions in London including St. George’s Hospital, Guy’s Hospital, and abroad at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Australia. 

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