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Expert in: Endocrinology
20 years of experience
Diabetes & Endocrinology

Dr Channa Jayasena is an academic consultant in reproductive endocrinology and andrology based in London. His areas of expertise include reproductive endocrinology, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), testosterone therapy, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypothalamic amenorrhea and male infertility.

Dr Jayasena graduated from Cambridge University. He is one of the UK's leading experts in the treatment of men and women with infertility and other reproductive disorders. He is also Head of Andrology services at Hammersmith Hospital. 

He leads a research programme at Imperial College London, to develop cutting-edge treatments for men, women and couples with infertility and reproductive hormone disorders. His work has pioneered several new developments in the field, leading to over 100 research papers and book chapters.

Dr. Jayasena is actively involved in the training of other specialists in the UK and abroad to manage reproductive endocrine disorders. His vision is to offer his patients the best treatment available anywhere, and pioneer development of the next generation of treatments in the future. 

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

Specialist monitoring during hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

Gonadotrophin stimulation for fertility induction

Major areas of expertise:

• Reproductive endocrinology

• Amenorrhoea

•  Hypogonadism

•  Menstrual disorders

•  Infertility

•  Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

•  Male infertility

Specific conditons:

• Testosterone

• Hypothalamic amenorrhoea

• Androgens

• Puberty disorders

• DNA fragmentation

• Sperm disorders • Menopause

• Hot flushes

• Oestrogen

• Reproductive disorders

• Anabolic steroids

• Oral contraceptive pill

• Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism

• Azoospermia

• Polycystic ovarian syndrome

• Hirsutism

• Oligospermia

• Semen analysis

• Reactive oxygen species (ROS)

• Klinefelter syndrome

• Kallmann syndrome

• Testicular cancer

• Sperm freezing

• Sperm cryropreservation

• Premature ovarian insufficiency

• Cancer infertility 

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Expert in: Endocrinology
14 years of experience
Diabetes & Endocrinology

Dr. Chong Wei Lim studied medicine at the University of Aberdeen and graduated in 2006. He completed postgraduate medical training in North West Thames London. As part of specialist training in diabetes and endocrinology, he rotated through Northwick Park Hospital, Ealing Hospital, Hammersmith Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital. 

During specialist training, he spent several years researching the effects on dietary interventions on metabolic flexibility. This led to the award of Ph.D by Imperial College of London. 

Dr. Chong Wei Lim practices general internal medicine, diabetes and endocrinology. He has a clinical interest in thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and pituitary disorders. He also has a wealth of experience in managing patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. He plays an active role in clinical research and teaching. Currently, he is a Consultant in General Internal Medicine, Diabetes and Endocrinology at Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospital.  

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
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