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Paediatrics/Pediatric (Children's Doctor)
Recommended by 2 specialists
17 years of experience
Allergy Medicine, Paediatric (Pediatric) Gastroenterology

Dr Brough is a Consultant in Paediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology. She leads the largest Children’s Allergy Service in the UK at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital, Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital and runs allergy transition services for teenagers up to age 18 years to empower them to take control of their allergies. She has specific interests in food allergy prevention, diagnosis and treatment, immunotherapy, asthma, eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders and eczema. She jointly runs the specialist difficult asthma and allergy service at the Evelina London. She chairs the national eczema guideline for the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology. She co-authored two landmark studies on the prevention of food allergy, is the lead investigator for the Pronuts study (assessing peanut, sesame and tree nut allergy) and is an investigator for the oral and patch peanut desensitisation trials which are currently running at the Evelina London. 

Dr Brough has published multiple original research articles as well as published a textbook, she also regularly presents her research both nationally and internationally and is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at King's College London. She has written reviews on the active management and prevention of food allergies, dietary management of peanut allergy and risks of exposure to food in the environment in allergic patients. She is the Chair of the Paediatric Section for the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI). She organised the Annual National Allergy Meeting for the British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology from 2013-2016 and is the Co-Chair for the European Allergy (EAACI) Congress 2020 which will be held in London.

She was awarded 'Health Professional of the Year' runner-up in 2010 by Coeliac UK and the Barry Kay award for excellence in Paediatric Allergy research from the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology in 2013.

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Paediatrics/Pediatric (Children's Doctor)
Recommended by 2 specialists
30 years of experience
Allergy Medicine, Neonatal Medicine, Paediatric (Pediatric) Gastroenterology + 1 more

Dr Elia Maalouf completed his undergraduate studies in medicine in 1989 at University of Dundee. He became a consultant in 1999 at Homerton University Hospital and this is when he also achieved his postgraduate Medical Doctorate (MD) degree in 1999, based on a thesis entitled “Brain Injury in Preterm Infants”.


With an experience of over 15 years, Dr Maalouf is a highly experienced General Paediatrician and Neonatologist. His specialist interest lies in the area of Brain Injury in Preterm and Term newborn infants.


Dr Maalouf is actively involved in research and has published numerous research papers. He is the Editor-in-Chief for Early Human Development which is a very well established medical research journal published by Elsevier and is also a Fellow of The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and a member of the Neonatal Society and The British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM).

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Allergy Medicine
11 years of experience

Dr Tsilochristou has over 10 years of experience in Allergy and is a Consultant Adult Allergist at the UK’s largest Department of Allergy at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation Trust in London. She is one of the relatively few Consultants accross the country listed on the GMC specialist register as an Allergist.

Dr Tsilochristou qualified in medicine in 2005 in Greece and completed higher specialist training in Allergy in 2014 (Attikon University Hospital, Athens, Greece). She undertook her PhD on allergic rhinitis (University of Athens, Athens, Greece). After completion of specialist training in Allergy, she spent 1 year working as a researcher in molecular Allergy at Charite University in Berlin, Germany and subsequently joined the research teams led by Professors Lack, du Toit and Till at King’s College London where she investigated links between food allergy and eczema and participated in clinical trials on peanut oral immunotherapy and a preclinical trial looking into vaccines against peanut, egg and milk allergy.

Dr Tsilochristou has co-authored the European Guidelines on Allergen Immunotherapy for Allergic Rhinitis amongst other and has expertise in allergic rhinitis, local allergic rhinitis and allergen immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis. In addition, she has expertise in food allergy being one of the two Consultants who undertake the Food Allergy Clinic at Guy’s Hospital where she reviews teenagers (16 years old and above) and adults with food allergies including those who suffer with eczema with a view of identifying potential food triggers for their eczema. She also reviews patients with urticaria (hives), angioedema (swelling) and hypersensitivity reactions to drugs and bee/wasp stings.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

Skin Prick Test to allergens

Immunotherapy/Desensitisation for allergic disease

Challenge (provocation) tests

Food Allergy,


Allergic Rhinitis (hay fever),

Immunotherapy/Desensitisation for allergic disease,

Urticaria (hives), Angioedema (swelling),

Allergy to bee/wasp venom,

Drug Allergy

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Dr Lee Noimark

Dr Lee Noimark

6.15 miles

Dr Lee Noimark

6.15 miles
Paediatrics/Pediatric (Children's Doctor)
19 years of experience
Allergy Medicine, Paediatric (Pediatric) Dermatology

Dr Lee Noimark graduated from University College London & Middlesex Medical School and trained in paediatrics and paediatric allergy, in which he is one of the few accredited specialists in the UK. Currently his NHS practice is at Barts and the London Children’s Hospital where he heads the paediatric allergy team. He previously trained in allergy at Imperial College London NHS Trust and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

He has special interests in food allergy and anaphylaxis and the management of allergic children with eczema. He also sees children with hayfever, asthma and chronic urticaria (hives). His current research interests include the management of anaphylaxis, allergic gut disease, and improving diagnostics in children with food allergy.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • Allergen desensitisation
  • Allergy bood tests
  • Skin prick test
  • Paediatric dermatology
  • Pediatric allergy
  • Paediatric immunology
  • Allergic rhinitis (hayfever)
  • Food allergies
  • Drug allergies
  • Napkin dermatitis (nappy rash)
  • Asthma
  • Eczema (atopic dermatitis)
  • Allergies
  • Food intolerance
  • Chronic urticaria
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Paediatrics/Pediatric (Children's Doctor)
Recommended by 4 specialists
34 years of experience
Allergy Medicine, Paediatric (Pediatric) Respiratory Medicine, Paediatric (Pediatric) Rheumatology

Dr Benjamin Jacobs is a consultant Paediatrician in London, UK. He trained in London before taking up a 4-year lecturer post (Honorary Senior Registrar) at the University of Manchester. During this lectureship, Dr Jacobs submitted his MD thesis on the psychology of children's eczema which saw him awarded a three-year fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada from 1996-1999. Before returning to the UK he obtained an MSc in Clinical Epidemiology with a thesis on influenza in children (CARIFS).

Dr Jacobs works in London at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, with a specialist interest in the treatment of children and teenagers with bone or musculoskeletal problems, especially those relating to nutrition, bone disease, growing pains and Vitamin D. He is also experienced in the treatment of rare bone diseases such as osteogenesis, rickets and CRMO.

Dr Jacobs has lectured in international conferences about children's bone diseases and speaks on behalf of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Dr Jacobs is flexible and patients are seen within 2 to 3 days, just email or call us.

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Paediatrics/Pediatric (Children's Doctor)
Recommended by 2 specialists
23 years of experience
Allergy Medicine

Professor Fox was awarded the Doctify Excellent Patient Experience 2018 award for his continued commitment to exceptional patient care.

Professor Adam Fox is a consultant Paediatric Allergist based in London, UK. Originally studying Medicine and Neuroscience at Cambridge University he went on to complete his clinical training at University College London. In 2006 he completed his specialist training in Paediatric Allergy. 

Adam has a specialist interest in the management of the food allergy and has extensive experience in the treatment of eczema, asthma, rhinitis (hayfever) and conjunctivitis as well as drug and insect sting allergy. 

He is a leader in his field and one of a few in the UK with a recognised higher specialist training Paediatric Allergy. 

Adam was awarded ‘Paediatric Allergist of the Year’ from Allergy UK in 2007. His doctoral thesis on peanut allergy received the Raymond Horton Smith prize from Cambridge University in 2012 and he was included in The Times ‘Britain’s 100 Best Children’s Doctor’s’ (2012). Adam received the William Frankland Award for Outstanding contribution to Allergy from the British Society of Allergy & Clinical Immunology in 2015 and a National Clinical Excellence award from the UK Department of Health in 2016. He was also recognised by Doctify for 'Excellent Patient Experience' in 2018. His private practice - Allergy London was awarded 'Best Allergy Clinic - London' in the 2019 Global Health & Pharma Private Healthcare Awards. 

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Paediatrics/Pediatric (Children's Doctor)
Recommended by 1 specialist
20 years of experience
Allergy Medicine, Paediatric (Pediatric) Gastroenterology

Dr Babu Vadamalayan is a paediatric doctor and  gastroenterologist, sees children from birth to 18 years of age, currently practising in the UK.

Dr Vadamalyan qualified in 1996 with a Bachelor of Medicine. Following this, he then completed his fellowship at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in 2001. Dr Vadamalyan then went on to get a Diploma in Paediatric Nutrition in 2006. As well as this in 2006 he went to Australia and completed a FRACP.

Since returning to the UK he has worked and gained experience in various international centres of excellence including King’s College Hospital, London, Great Ormond Street Hospital for children, London, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, The Children’s Hospital in Westmead, Sydney and Jichi Medical Centre, Japan. He is the lead gastroenterology consultant in King’s College Hospital and Evelina Children’s Hospital (Guy’s and St Thomas NHS trust) in London. Dr Vadamalayan has also trained at various international centres of excellence in the UK, Australia and Japan.

Dr Vadamalyan has special interests in children's GI investigations such as endoscopy (gastroscopy, balloon enteroscopy, capsule enteroscopy and colonoscopy), pH studies to diagnose reflux, hydrogen breath tests to diagnose lactose intolerance, food allergy tests and pancreatic function tests.  He trains other paediatric doctors on endoscopy and run endoscopy course, and he is also the Chair for the endoscopy working group in BSPGHAN (British Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition)

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • Colorectal surgery
  • Colonoscopy
  • Capsule endoscopy
  • Upper GI endoscopy gastroscopy
  • Food allergy tests
  • Pancreatic function tests
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Constipation
  • Food allergy
  • Poor weight gain
  • Gastro-oesophageal reflux
  • Celiac disease
  • Crohn's disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Paediatric endoscopy
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Allergy Medicine
17 years of experience

Professor Stephen Till is a consultant in Adult Allergy practising at Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital and the London Bridge Hospital. He is also a Senior Lecturer and Consultant at King’s College London.


Professor Till is a known expert in allergic rhinitis, food allergies and immunotherapy/desensitisation for allergic disease. Professor Till qualified as a doctor at University College London. He held a scholarship at the University of Oxford and completed a PhD in Allergy from Imperial College. He underwent five years of specialist training in Allergy at the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust. At present, he is one of the relatively few consultants listed on the GMC specialist register as an Allergist.


Professor Till combines his medical practice with an interest in research, teaching and the supervision of PhD students. He conducts academic research in the fields of food allergy, immunotherapy and immunology and is author on a range of peer-reviewed publications over a 20 year period. His research had been funded by the National Institute of Health research and the Medical Research Council. In 2009 prof Till was given the World Allergy Organisation Henning Lowenstein Award for his academic research into Allergy.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

Immmotherapy/desensitisation for allergic rhinitis

Molecular allergy tests

Oral food challenge testing

Drug allergy testing e.g. for antibiotics, local anaesthetics, NSAIDs, intravenous contrast

  • Adult allergies
  • Severe food allergy
  • Allergic rhinitis (hay fever)
  • Asthma
  • Immunotherapy/desensitisation for allergic disease
  • Drug allergy
  • Urticaria (hives)
  • Angioedema
  • Bee/wasp venom allergy
  • Anaphylaxis
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Paediatrics/Pediatric (Children's Doctor)
34 years of experience
Allergy Medicine, Paediatric (Pediatric) Respiratory Medicine

After graduating from University of Dundee in 1985, Dr Murtuza Khan trained at the Alder Hey Childrens’ Hospital, Liverpool, The Variety Club Childrens’ Hospital at Kings College, London, Guys & St. Thomas’ Hospital (where he was senior clinical research fellow), London, and The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street. Following that, in 1999, he achieved dual certification (CCST) in general paediatrics and in paediatric respiratory medicine. 

Murtuza is currently a Consultant Paediatrician at the Northwest London Hospitals NHS Trust as well as a Honorary Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics at Imperial College London. He is also the clinical lead for the paediatric allergy, eczema and respiratory services and the deputy clinical director at Northwick Park Hospital.

Murtuza is actively involved in research and his publications are regularly presented at international gatherings including the American Academy of Pediatrics, European Respiratory Society and American Thoracic Society. He has spent nearly three years in Saudi Arabia developing the paediatric services in hospitals in Jeddah and is currently a panel member on the National Review of Asthma Deaths (NRAD); a body set up by the Department of Health (DOH) to review all asthma deaths in children in the United Kingdom.



Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • Lung Function tests
  • Skin Prick Tests
  • Allergy testing
  • ECG
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Food Provocation (Advice)



  • Food and other allergy
  • Cough
  • Urticaria
  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Management of recurrent infections
  • General paediatrics



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Paediatrics/Pediatric (Children's Doctor)
18 years of experience
Allergy Medicine, Paediatric (Pediatric) Gastroenterology

George Du Toit is a Professor in Paediatric Allergy at King’s College London and Guy’s and St Thomas’, Evelina Children’s Hospital and privately at a range of locations. He is also an Honorary Consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and an Honorary Senior Lecturer, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at Cape Town University.  He sees patients with a wide range of allergy-related conditions including asthma and other ‘chesty’ conditions, chronic urticaria, eczema, gastroesophageal reflux and hayfever.

He is able to conduct a wide range of tests and provide advanced treatments. He remains closely involved in research and was senior co-investigator on two National Institutes for Health funded research studies aimed at the prevention of peanut allergy - ‘Learning Early about Peanut (LEAP) and LEAP-On Studies’ and is currently undertaking trials aimed at the treatment of peanut allergy, the Palisade and Artemis trials. He is an International Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and a past chair of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EACCI) paediatric section.


Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • Allergy Medicine
  • Allergy Blood Tests
  • Skin Prick Tests
  • Drug Allergy & Challenges
  • Oral Immunotherapy
  • Food Challenges
  • Food Intolerance
  • Allergies including insect stings, food and drugs
  • Hayfever
  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Urticaria
  • Hives
  • Fussy eating
  • Weaning
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